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Elegant Compact Corner Sofa Gynko by Leolux

This modular corner sofa – Gynko by Leolux – has flow. And comfort. And it’s compact enough to fit most corners. The soft, round form of the design really makes this sofa look luxurious. And you can make it your own style – choosing between 2ft, 2.5ft and 3ft long sofa pieces with various modular elements to add on, including footstools. To make it even more bespoke, choose your own material – inside and out. We’d pick the softest, deepest, sinking-into-it material we could find. And you can change the chair arms at your whim – they’ll fold all the way up to lean against or fold over for a more traditional sofa look. Incredibly versatile, it’s easy to customize this sofa. Corner sofa, that is. Modular sofas are common enough, but corner modular sofas aren’t. And this one’s a keeper.

Are you more of a blue person? Or red?
More info: Leolux


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