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Electronic Bathtub by Wild Terrain Designs

Electronic Bathtubs by Wild Terrain Designs
Covered in cosmetic charm, the Tub-E electronic bathtub by Wild Terrain Designs gives your bathroom the face-lift of a lifetime. The tub comes in copper or stainless steel, and both styles offer remarkable beauty that will transform the look of any space it’s placed in. Outwardly, the bathtub looks like a futuristic bucket with enchanting sheen. Swirling around the tub is an elegant staircase made out of perforated stainless steel. Pinhole LED lights are embedded into the outer rim of the Tub-E, shedding light over the bathtub and providing just enough to see clearly up and down the stairs. The system has an auto fill, auto empty and auto clean option, which removes the strain of having to scrub dirt and grime out of hard-to-reach places. The Tub-E also has a built-in heater underneath the seat, which allows you to adjust the water temperature and experience the perfect bath. With one-touch programming and graceful appeal, the Tub-E offers a new look to your bathroom and new feel to your bath experience. Visit Wild Terrain Designs for details or to order.


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