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Electric Roller Blinds from House Couturier – the European style contemporary blinds

European style Electric roller blinds, such as these from House Couturier, are making a come back to US luxury home market to deliver a modern statement in today’s high-end windows treatment. Perfect for a contemporary decor, House Couturier’s new range of power blinds and curtain tracks puts ambiance control at your fingertips, allowing any homeowner to adjust light and privacy level with the touch of a button. These roller blind is available in standard or bespoke versions, creating a convenient solution for problem windows such as over-sized windows, windows over stairs, or those in rooms with high ceilings. It is even possible to combine all of your window treatments into a single system, so that you can control all with one switch, or to integrate them into multiple devices, including fixed switches, remote controls, and even an existing home control system. These electric roller blinds are available in a variety of attractive styles to suit your needs, with electric curtain tracks starting at £600 (US$ 1,134) and electric blinds at £390 (US$ 737). House Couturier



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