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Easy Access Bathtubs – Rising Wall Bath Elevance by Kohler

New from Kohler, these easy access bathtubs are designed to make the bathing experience even more relaxing! The Rising Wall Bath Elevance BubbleMassage is a stylish alternative to institutional-looking walk-ins. It features a sliding wall that lets you enter and exit with ease. Forget climbing in, not to mention the risks of slips and falls. If you have special needs, these bathtubs offer easy access from a sitting, standing or wheelchair position and the rising door requires less than five pounds of pressure to slide it up or down. The Elevance BubbleMassage fits into a standard five-ft. alcove, but the soak will be anything but “standard.” Sit back and turn on the integrated waterfall to fill your bath in just three to five minutes. Customize the massaging bubbles to soothe and relax your muscles, your way, while an integrated foot-well pampers your tootsies. Suggested retail price: $9,950. For more information, visit Kohler.



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