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Oceanique Villas: Infinity Pools and Sandy Beaches

Oceanique Villas are located in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Vietnam and are a 1014sqm design that incorporates three two-story ocean villas. The architectural, interior and landscape design are all the work of MM++ Architects / MIMYA.co. They created this small real estate development to take advantage of the seaside views off the southeast coast of Vietnam. The site had a few challenges, mainly due to its trapezoid shape. At 110m from the road to the beach, and only 42m wide along the beach, the architects where still able to maximize the waterfront – while at the same time keeping a large part of the land as a noise buffer from the road.

Two of the three units have three bedrooms, while the third has four bedrooms. Each has a private 10mx3m swimming pool 1.8m above beach level, offering the users privacy from the public beach just a few feet away. By positioning the pool and terrace above the waterfront, the ocean surges are also kept at bay – which means land erosion is not an issue. With the villas raised up from the beach, two sets of concrete stairs have been added for easy access to the ocean.
The pools and terraces are also raised above the level of the lawn, between the structure and the beach.
By raising the pools and terraces, superior ocean views are realized.
The three units are a side-by-side design, with the social zone and master suites on the main level and the extra bedrooms – all with ensuites – upstairs.
Large heavily landscaped planters stretch from each villa out to the edge of the pools, to create a natural privacy screen between each living space.
The landscaping is used to create both sound and visual barriers between each of the three villas.
Beautiful azaleas add seasonal color to the front facade.
Each of the villas has two parking spots out front with the main entrances tucked just around the corner. The entrances open up to a foyer with a small powder room and coat closet against their far walls. Further into the volume is the social zone and a stairwell that leads up to the secondary bedrooms. Two of the villas have the master suites positioned next to the dining rooms while one has the master suite beside its living room.
The foyers are absolutely stunning with their specimen plants, dark woodworking, white tiled floors, and glass balustrades. But the main attraction is definitely the water feature below the stairs and open to the sky above.
By creating an open-air section within the foyer, the large specimen plants have plenty of natural light and space to grow. The open air skylight also allows natural daylight – and star light – to reach this more private portion of the villas.
Naturally vented louvered windows upstairs provide a view of the indoor garden, while offering privacy to the bedroom suites behind them.
The social zone is laid out in a single mono orientation to the beach – beginning with the kitchen and ending with the living room before stepping out to the terrace. This emphasis on the view is the main catalyst behind the kitchen design. The fridge, stove and wall ovens are all along the back wall and the sink and prep space within the 4m island.
The third villa has a slightly different layout then the other two, with the stairwell next to the dining and living spaces rather than behind. But just as with the other two, the layout is all about the view.
The back wall is completely covered in glazings that slide and stack out of the way, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living.
Two of the villas have master suites with a stepped design that includes a home office just above the headboard. All three have direct access to the terraces, infinity pools and the beachfront.
Each of the master ensuites has its own private garden, complete with Jacuzzi positioned behind a privacy wall at the front of the structure.
Above the private ensuite gardens are open timbered louvers to a bedroom suite on the 2nd story.
Two of the villas have an additional two bedrooms complete with ensuites upstairs, while the third villa has three. The staircases lead up to small landings with doors to each of the additional bedrooms. Each bedroom (with the exception of one) has a full wall of glazings overlooking the view and opening up to a terrace.
At the top of the stairs, a small chaise is positioned for those who want to sit and enjoy the views of the landscaped front yard.
The double volume stairwell is surrounded by open timbered, naturally ventilated louvers that allow for excellent cross ventilation – eliminating the need for air conditioning everywhere except for the bedrooms.
Three upstairs bedrooms are designed with a home office positioned just behind the bed.
Four of the upstairs bedrooms do not have a home office included in their floor plan.
All the bedrooms have an amazing view, with six overlooking the ocean and one overlooking the landscaping out front.
Each of the bedrooms that overlook the ocean open up to a terrace. While two of the villas share the same length of terrace, it is divided by a privacy wall.
The upstairs ensuites overlook the foyers down below.
Both volumes on the beachfront elevation can be opened up wide to the outdoors – via the large aluminum frame windows that cover the facade. The back elevation has no windows at all, featuring timber louvers only.
MM++ architects
Photography by Hiroyuki OKI


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