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Divine Bronze Butterfly Chandelier by Koket

This amazing chandelier by Koket will certainly create a dramatic effect wherever it’s placed! The drama starts with its name, Nymph, beautiful divine creature that wonders about fields and forests, light as a butterfly. Like enchanted, a million bronze butterflies gather together to see the marvel, and then gently fly away without disclosing the secret. A crown made of golden butterflies, this chandelier is more a jewel than a lamp that spreads its preciousness around the room. The artisans at Koket are really at the peak of their craftsmanship with this so delicate and yet so strong piece. The gilded bronze structure can be finished in bronze, gold, pewter or silver. The wings of the butterflies hide ten light bulbs which diffuse a mysterious light through the delicate weave of the lamp. Beautifully proportioned, it hangs 75 cm from the ceiling for 75 cm diameter of the butterfly shade. The approach to creating this piece looks like that of an haute couturier, or an artist, who would place the work in the center of the room and then move around it removing all its imperfections, until it is truly perfect. Count around 16 weeks to have such a gorgeous chandelier, for it is certainly worth the wait!



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