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Cuero Handcrafts Four Versions of Butterfly Chair

Cuero creates leather, lamb skin, cow hide and canvas chairs – all with the craftsmanship of Scandinavian furniture making and an Argentinean aesthetic for a true global design. But what’s really exciting are the available styles of their butterfly chair.

Abrazo is a very modern expression of the traditional sling back chair and replaces the double-winged aesthetic of the dipping backrest with a one that tapers ever upward to create a sleek and sexy profile. Even the matching footrest has a tapered design.
All the Cuero chairs are available with footrests.
Pampa Mariposa is created using natural hides that have been cured using a slow vegetable tanning method. This prepares the thick leather before it is further hand-crafted by skilled saddle makers. This chair is available in Nature, Chocolate, Polo, Black, Oak and Montana.
Pampa Cow – like all the Pampa chairs – gets its name from La Pampa in Argentina, a location famous for its traditional and old style free range grassland cattle raising. I love how the white portions of the hide are positioned on the two ends of the chair – like an Oreo cookie in reverse.
Canvas Mariposa comes in black, white, nature, orange and this super cool and crisp hue of turquoise. The fabric is both ecological and sturdy because the canvas is made from hemp and attached to a solid steel frame.
La Mariposa or the Butterfly chair was designed in Buenos Aires in 1938 and the Cuero Mariposa reproductions are as exciting as the originals. The Iceland Mariposa is made exclusively in lambskin from the rugged landscapes of Iceland. This thick and luxurious lambskin seat is Iceland Wild White.
Whether canvas, lambskin or leather, the sling-back style adds a relaxed flavor to any room.
Aside from being adorable, the Iceland Shorn White chairs are a comfy cozy and warm place to curl up and enjoy life – indoors or out.
La Mariposa is also known by the name BKF chair, which are the initials of its three original creators Boent, Kurchan and Ferrari.
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