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Small Pyramid Cottage in Iceland is Sustainable and Charming

This stunning pyramid cottage in Iceland is not only sustainable and charming, it’s available to rent on AirBnB! It’s about an hour and a half drive from Reykjavik. Located in the middle of Iceland’s famed Golden Circle Route, the Geysir and Strokkur geysers, Gullfoss waterfall and Thingvellir National Park are all within easy reach. Or maybe you just want to hang out on the back deck of this pyramid? Or take a soak in the hot tub? Or view the night sky through the glass triangle skylight? What a clever construction – in a gorgeous setting. And it’s environmentally friendly. The house is kept warm by geothermal water. Pipes in the floor keeping it warm and comfortable year-round (additional heaters are available for extra cold days). The electricity comes from a close-by geothermal energy power-station, hot water comes from the a hot spring and the cold water is natural spring water from a well. It doesn’t get better than this.
The cottage has a symmetrical design consisting of two steep-sided pyramids separated by the entrance hallway.

Yes, that’s a hot tub. A monster hot tub. But could you imagine Iceland without one? The two pyramids keep the sleeping area and the social zones separate.
The pyramid house has that triangular 3D thing going on and lots of green around it (in the summer).
Lots of outdoor space to take advantage of. What a unique rental this is!
One of the rooms is a loft with skylights – for viewing the Northern Lights. How awesome would that be?
You enter the foyer and turn to the right for the social zone and to the left are the three smallish bedrooms and one bathroom.
The whole building is triangular, inside and out.
The kitchen is open and there are no upper cupboards. That’s because the wall is angled in.
The use of light wood and white walls makes this an open and airy space.
There are lots of windows and skylights to let the sun shine in.
Up the stairs to the loft area for viewing the heavens through the triangular skylights. Even the stairs have an open, airy feeling.
The bedrooms are on the far side of the staircase.
The bathroom is clean and sleek looking. With a wall towel warmer.
The mirror is placed higher than usual, to accommodate the slanted walls.
Even the shower walls are angled.
Every bit of space is utilized well in this pyramid house.
The beds are snug to the wall. The rental contains two queen bedrooms plus a smaller child’s room.
A splash of pink brightens up the room.
The bedrooms also have desks – no room for separate home offices here.
As pretty as this photo is, we’ll visit in the summer. For anyone wishing to rent this charming pyramid cottage, winter or summer (or spring or fall) check out the Air BnB listing.
Photos: Palmi, AirBnB listing


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