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Digital Basin Mixer – new v-touch mixer with a touch-pad by Vado

The latest and greatest from U.K.-based company Vado is this modern, digital basin mixer, which fittingly mixes not just your water temperatures, but combines innovation, modern technology and sleek style into one must-have product for the home. The new v-touch mixer lets you control water flow and temperature using a touch-pad. The digital display features the subtle glow of red and blue dots, indicating how warm or cool the water is. But the cool factor doesn’t end there – probably the most striking feature about this digital basin mixer is its look. Pleasing to look at and to feel, this sleek, smooth design brings excitement to all the senses. The slim lines of this mixer bring a minimalist, high-tech look, complemented by a white body and a matte-black spout. To learn more about this digital mixer, visit Vado.


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