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Modern Istanbul Bachelor Pad with Open Interior by Ofist

Turkish design firm Ofist fashioned this fabulous bachelor-pad penthouse with cool that can’t be denied, and nothing to hide! Measuring just shy of 2,000 sq. ft., this sprawling loft in Istanbul’s city centre carries continuous architectural elements, materials and even function, made expressly for its bachelor owner, and his singular needs and desires. Since there was no need for walls or privacy, the designers exploited the owner’s bachelorhood to create a wide open space without walls. The design comes together as a fusion of location – a historic centre of commerce which has recently emerged as an art, shopping and dining destination – and its occupant, whose love of nature translates into the materials and the open layout.

The entrance welcomes you with an rich palette of stone tiles underfoot, exposed steel duct work overhead, and artworks that invite you to admire, and explore the depths of design perfection!
This double-height living room is physically expanded with a gabled roof; it is visually expanded through the use of a folded window wall at the lower level and a second row of windows overlooking the loft upstairs. Wood wraps the walls and ceiling, complementing its earthy counterparts of stone and iron, soaked in sunlight.
The home’s layout isn’t preoccupied with separation of spaces – after all, it is made for one. Ofist exploited this to create a fully open interior, which lets you appreciate all its architectural elements from any point in the home – the high peak of the roof, the gentle curve of the wood-clad walls as they become ceiling, the loft which puts you within reach of the upper-level shelf housing collections of books and other bachelor basics. A large suspended fireplace further connects the upper and lower levels, reaching down from the gabled ceiling and finding its home at the heart of the home.
Indeed, the fireplace serves as a focal point for the living room, kitchen, and loft space overhead. In line with the home’s “open” philosophy, even the shelves are fully open with nothing to hide.
This gourmet kitchen design is an entertainer’s dream, boasting tons of counter space, a gas stove, and all the chef’s essentials, always within view and within easy reach. Toward the rear, a set of floating stars protrude from the wall, leading you up with their unusual, industrial-style steps. Even the hand rail is turned on its head, dropping vertically from the ceiling before following the cement wall up to the loft.
The loft-level sleeping area puts the bed on a pedestal – literally. How bachelor-esque!
The view down reveals a brooding picture of black stone tiles spilling across the floor and wall, modern minimalist furnishings that double as art, and the fireplace feature that instantly warms up this cool interior. A staggering of pendant lights illuminate the space at various levels.
Maintaining the home’s open philosophy, the bedroom area leads into the bathroom, dually separated by a clear glass wall, and a frosted glass door.
via Design Boom
photo credit: Koray Erkaya


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