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Amazing Shower Heads – Sculpture showerhead by Vado

It’s artistic, it’s functional, and it’s stylish! What more could you possibly want from a shower head? It’s the Sculpture showerhead by Vado! This UK-based brassware design group created an amazing shower head with a capacity to deliver a truly customized shower experience. Boasting six flexible tentacles, the Sculpture shower heads let you twist, twirl, turn and manipulate them into any desired position. “Developing and designing new products is fun and exciting,” says Vado’s says Commercial Director, Sarah Williams. “Sculpture reflects everything that is good about working with designers who continually challenge themselves and think outside the box.” This cool contemporary showerhead can be affixed to the wall of ceiling, taking your custom shower to a new level. Regardless the decor style, your modern bathroom will be amazing with this head installed. Check it out at Vado.



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