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Desk Shelves Combo by Gompf and Kehrer


The Din Desk is a marvelous combination of shelves and desk that looks more like architecture than furniture. It’s light and spacious – yet has plenty of room for everything. What a modern, clean look – we love it! It really is the perfect piece for the home office, because it doesn’t look like the office at all. It looks more like a piece of living room furniture. It would even work well in the kitchen, wouldn’t it? It could work anywhere you can utilize the grid-like shelves. What a great piece for a loft environment. This piece also works very well as a space divider and because it’s so open – it keeps the room feeling larger. Perfect for small spaces too!

The Din desk combines shelves and desk to blur the line between work and leisure.

More information: Gompf and Kehrer
Via Mocoloco


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