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Decorative Tile from Ceramica D’Imola – the Finn Decorative Tiles: “Reflections on the skin”

Beautiful dark tiles that glimmer with fashionable textures, the Finn Decorative Tile brings a sultry and sophisticated style to modern interiors. Large tiles that embrace three dimensional textures, the Finn Decorative Tiles make a powerful impact and bold presence. Inspired by “Reflections on the Skin”, the Finn Tile aims to capture the natural beauty of organic textures and patterns. Featuring floral subjects, geometric patterns and fashionable ‘crocodile skin’ the tiles offer a sensual tactile experience. An ideal accent for modern furnishings, the Finn Tile creates a distinctive setting which enhance the furniture. A beautiful tile that transforms plain walls into a sculptural focal point in the room, the Finn decorative tile from Ceramica D’Imola brings sophistication and glamour.


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