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Reptile Tile from Canakkale Seramik – the new Decorative Ceramic Tile

Gorgeous tiles that shimmer and shine with natural textures, the RepTile tile by Canakkale Seramik brings a fashion finish to modern interiors. Capturing the beauty of crocodile, lizard and snake skin, these dramatic patterns are enlarged to brilliant proportions. With a regular geometric style found only in nature, the Reptile ceramic tiles offer a smooth sleek finish. A dynamic addition to any interior, the Canakkale Seramik tile offers a charm and style found normally on the runway. Offered in vivid hues and soothing neutrals, the decorative ceramic tile compliments both soothing and bold interiors. Designed by Can Yalman Design, the Reptile ceramic tile from Canakkale Seramik brings the luxurious textures of nature to new heights and massive scale.



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