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Decorating with Red and Pink

Decorating with red and pink may seem like a risky thing to do. But this house does it properly. Bright red can be an alarming and agitating color. However, the right shades, the right amount and the choice of surrounding colors can really make red a welcome guest in the home. After all, red is a warm color. So is pink. Although less alarming than red, the fear behind pink is that it will come off as childish or overly feminine. Again, when correctly planned, pink can be a calming and comfortable color. And you can definitely rely on reds and pinks to liven up a space. This home has neutral brown and beige background colors and the uses of pink and red are to provide accents in the space. The pink couch is colorful but blends in well due its texture and slight blues and browns. The pink dining table with its delicate and minimal frame relates well to the couch and is not overpowering. The red sliding barn door makes the loudest statement but it also provides a liberating break to the solid wooden wall. The red accent wall behind it visually blends it all in, so that even when the door is open, that space always stays red. Imagine how much more the door would stand out and be out of place if that back wall were white. Pillows, decorative items and artwork throughout the home unify the whole scheme. The choice of green for the island kitchen is smart since it is the complementary color to red and provides relief to the eye. This home, designed by Bestor Architecture, provides inspiring ideas on how to incorporate these two colors into a color scheme.
via At Casa.



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