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The Top Best Ways to Decorate the End of Your Bed

When designing or redesigning your bedroom don’t forget the end of your bed. This space may seem like it is not there to be decorated. However, we beg to differ the end of the bed is a perfect space to decorate because it gives you room to add a few new accessories to the area. Although it may seem small there are multiple different options you can use. With that being said, if you do not know how to decorate the end of your bed here are the top best ways to do so.

Small Bookcase

Having a bookcase at the end of your bed does not mean you have to fill it up with books if you choose not to. The idea is to have the bookcase work for you and your room. Having a bookcase means you can fill it up with items that are necessary in the room such as towels and other trinkets.

This adds a hint of vintage with a modern twist. Having a small rectangular bookcase at the end of your bed is an excellent idea as it will allow you to have a bit of extra storage while still have a focal point in the room. The idea is to have the bookcase filled with books that inspire you to want to read at night. Keep the rest of the room, neutral or rustic to allow the bookcase to maintain the spotlight.

Unique Bench

A unique bench will give the room a focal point. This is great to have as it will cause your eyes to ultimately gravitate towards the unique item in the room. If you do not want to have a unique bench, consider having a bench with texture such as the one fur like the one above. 

If the space at the end of your bed is small a unique bench could be exactly what you need. A unique bench will emphasis on the space and make it appear larger because your eyes will ultimately gravitate towards the intricacy of the bench inside of the size of the room.

Add a Desk

A desk allows you to be able to work if it is needed or study. However, in the meantime, you can choose to display different items that work well in your room. Such as books, trays, candles, and/or fresh flowers. The desk will provide an upscale yet an intellectual feel. 

Although a desk may seem counteractive to create a calm and relaxing space in the bedroom. It could be exactly what your room needs to be able to do become a mini office for you. The idea is to have a small desk you can quickly work on when needed. You can also use this desk to place trinkets or your favorite items that will add to the décor of your bedroom. This is the perfect place to add holiday décor as you can easily swop your décor depending on the occasion.

Multiple Ottomans

There is an elegant factor when it comes to having more than one ottoman. Two ottomans, look well put together and give the room an upscale feel. Plus, it gives you two different spaces that can be used for storage or extra seating. If you want to go a bolder route, consider using two identical ottomans in a bold shade or bold pattern print. 

We have all seen how well an ottoman can work in a bedroom, especially at the end of the bed. It adds an extra seating area and looks elegant. If you want to break the length of your bed and have a more modern take on your bedroom, consider having two ottomans instead of one. Have them be identical to one another for the ultimate modern and trendy take.

Single Sofa

A bold sofa may be exactly what your bedroom may need for the ultimate upgrade. Choose a sofa in a bold shade such as purple, blue, red, and/or green as these colors will brighten up the room in an elegant manner. Keep the rest of the room as neutral as possible for the best effect.

If you want to have an extra seating area in your bedroom with a sofa. A sofa is a great seating area because it is bold and trendy. This adds a focal point in the bedroom as you want a sofa in a bold print and/or bold color. It adds a statement contrast in the room that can be seen from all angles.

Welcome a Chaise

A chaise is a perfect addition to any bedroom. Its classy, elegant, and works well in any decor setting. In fact, a chaise works well in any room because of its versatility. Have a neutral hue chaise to enhance the space it is placed in especially if the entire room is in a neutral tone.

Chaise chairs are luxurious. They add a vintage yet modern feel to any room, especially to a bedroom. Place it at the very edge of the bed and have it feel as if it was an extension of the bed. Pair it with a canopy bed for the ultimate luxurious feel. The idea is to have a seating area that allows you to relax while you are not on the bed. Add a few bold and textured throw pillows if you have a neutral chaise chair.

Slat Wall

Having a small home does not mean you will not have space for a good divider and that is when a slat wall will come in handy. Instead of having any other item at the end of your bad have a slat wall. A slat wall works great to provide privacy and add dimension to the room.If you live in a small studio you may not have the division or space that you need. In order to create the division, have a slate wall at the end of your bed. Not only will this divide the space, but it will give you an extra layer of privacy. You will also have the ability of adding other furniture items in front of the slate wall as well.

Simple Bench

Just because the bench is simple does not mean it cannot have a personality of its own. A simple bench can be dressed up by changing the fabric it is constructed with. In fact, we love the idea of having a bold fabric on the bench or even a bright pattern like the one above.

We have always seen in numerous different magazines the end of the bed having an ottoman which doubles up as a seating bench. However, change the ottoman to a simple bench for the best results. A simple bench gives you the same effect as an ottoman without the heavy appeal of a large ottoman. The key to having a bench is keeping it simple.

A Vintage Trunk

Whether you want to add a vintage take or just want to give your bedroom charming appeal having a vintage trunk will do just that. Vintage trunks are great because of how versatile they are, they appear charming yet allow you to store multiple different items in them. The charm comes from having a well-loved item in a modern decorated space.

Two Armchairs and a Table

There is an intimate feel about having living room items in the bedroom. The idea is to have an elegant addition to the bedroom. Have a few throw pillows on the chairs to enhance the style and color of the bedroom. Have neutral chairs to give the space an upscale look. Meanwhile, if you choose colorful chairs you will have a modern twist instead.

We love the idea of having a seating area for guests in a bedroom. It makes the room appear well-loved and modern yet with a cozy twist. The extra seating area is great when you want to watch a movie with family and friends in your bedroom, but your bed isn’t big enough for everyone. Offering two armchairs and a table at the end of your bed gives you a mini living room right in your personal space.

The end of your bed may seem like a space that should remain empty. However, having an additional decorative item can truly bring together your decorative style. Which of these ideas will you be trying at home? Please let us know in the comments below.


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