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Custom stone medallions from Creative Edge – the natural stone decorative flooring

Once the purview of European craftsmen, Creative Edge has used American ingenuity to bring decorative stone flooring to the new world. Their wonderful large stone medallions are of impeccable craftsmanship and add aristocratic charm to any room. Available in several standard patterns or as bespoke designs, the stone medallions are a stunning work of inlaid art. Mixing the rich natural grains of exotic stones and marble creates a visual feast of mottled patterns in swirling organic shapes. With new technology, Creative Edge creates old world luxury and extravagance. Their water-jet cutting technology offers precision stone pieces of even the finest filigree. Pre-assembled and delivered on net backing, Creative Edge stone medallions are easily installed by local workmen. All this brings you a sculptural centrepiece at a reasonable price. Creative Edge offer a personal service, but suggest that a 3 foot medallion runs about $1,800 while the 10 foot medallion $8,500.


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