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Curved Spout Faucets by Gattoni

The Techno collection of curved spout faucets by Gattoni blends contemporary aesthetics with innovation and timeless luxury. The Wabi faucets have been aptly described as the company’s “youngest product” in terms of design. Simple yet sensual, the curves of this arching spout recall tradition and function, but with a cool, contemporary twist. The curving shape is complemented by a matching lever – but the list doesn’t stop there. With a whole range of 31 pieces to choose from including washbasin, bidet, tub faucets, exposed and built-in shower mixers, shower heads, shower columns and other accessories, your bathroom can coordinate as much as you’d like for a modern, minimalist look, or combine select pieces with traditional or transitional bathroom elements for an elegantly eclectic look. Regardless of style, the chrome finish will complement any modern bathroom. Check out these uniquely curved faucets at Gattoni.



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