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Curvaceous Penthouse Apartment In Rome Renovated To Perfection

The stunning original details of this beautiful apartment located in Rome, Italy create an organic and free flowing atmosphere. Designer Carola Vannini kept the focus on all the curvaceous details by keeping new trim to a minimum and using a warm but light wood on the floor. The only drama in the architecture is the ebony window frames. Emulating the curves in the structure, a long oval dining table was used and surrounded with 4 upholstered chairs in a coffee shade. Wall sconces are tone on tone with the walls and the halo of light that shines forth keeps the attention of the large curved wall.

The light above the table, is simple and utilitarian, no decoration is used with the exception of 3 small wooden pieces on the table.
Through the curved wall and around the corner is the kitchen. This room is as clean lined as the rest of the apartment with everything a tone on tone white. The only material change is the Stainless Steel appliances.
On the other side of the kitchen is a small peninsula with two Panton Chairs. A walkway separates the Dining Room from the Bedroom and on the other side of the walkway is a small reading area, here a large and comfy couch is upholstered in two tones of brown.
Above the couch is an arched bookshelf; the books on the shelves offer the only hits of colour, creating an interesting abstract visual within the arch.
Through the curved wall and past the kitchen is the Master Bedroom. The headboard is clad in a rust toned upholstery. This is one of the few times a colour is used and it creates a warm focal point that frames the Chocolate Brown bedding. The walls in this room continue their curvaceous shapes with a small vaulted section to the ceiling above the bed that curves down and frames the headboard area. Two wall sconces are mounted on the wall to free up the one small bedside table and a painting hung above the bed continues the rust and brown colour scheme.
The bathroom is the one room that does not have any interesting curves to the wall. This room is small and functional with a large oval shaped vessel sink mounted on a narrow counter. In order for the faucet to fit on the counter it is mounted at the 2 o’clock position. A large mirror with a small magnifier mirror inset is kept unframed and unadorned. The only hit of colour is the ebony framed window.
The Living room is on the opposite end of the apartment and is the largest area. Here, an over-sized linen couch tucks up under the corner windows and another Panton Chair completes the sitting area. Two small round coffee tables of different heights keep the space open and are light enough to be easily moved.
On the other side of the couch is a wall of sliding glass doors that stack together and allow for a large opening to the deck. The deck has a small sitting area with two more Panton Chairs. An esplanade vine runs along the privacy wall and several more potted plants create an intimate setting. The green of the plants is one of the few colours seen throughout this curvaceous Penthouse Apartment.
Carola Vannini Architecture


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