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Creative Home Idea by Architect Alex Bykov


Alex Bykov was challenged to create a home that represented “constant motion” and after several meetings with his young clients, the concept of creating a space that flowed from one room to another was formulated. The rooms would flow in a circular fashion so that as the homeowners traveled through their home in a continuous path they would finish at the same location they started in. While the flow is circular, the home is not. It is closer to a square but is actually a rectangle. The space is divided into quadrants and 3 of the quadrants are the Master Bedroom, Kitchen, and Living Space with the 4th quadrant divided up between the Master Closet, Laundry area, Washroom and Kitchen. Each area is connected to the space on either side of it with the exception of the raised library. With shelves wrapping 3 sides of the platform it’s only entry/exit point is the flight of 7 steps that lead up to – or from it.


The area created by the library stairway is the perfect spot to locate a small dining niche. Here a set of 4 White Moulded Plastic Eames chairs with Wire Bases are showcased around a small round table and just a few feet away is the kitchen.


Inside the kitchen area two more Eames chairs tucked under a similar table. This way if entertaining multiple guests, the kitchen table and chairs can be relocated into the living space for larger dinner groups without creating a mishmash of looks.


The back of the kitchen is the Master Bedroom headboard wall. Above the 8′ ceiling level the bedroom is wrapped in glass for extra lighting. The Wall that joins the living space and bedroom is also the TV viewing area – but unlike most homes there is no flat screen TV, rather the screen is part of the wall itself.


Inside the bedroom, the walls are wrapped in a cozy dusky purplish grey with the exception of the exterior wall, which is exposed brick. The framing on the mirror and closet door are a deep charcoal. The dresser cabinets wrap around a full length mirror are sleek and modern and are part of the same set as the Headboard and bedside tables.


The bedroom leads to the closet which is finished in unadorned chipboard, the chipboard is a repeating material seen throughout the space. The closet then leads to the bathroom.


The bathroom is architecturally one of the more detailed areas in the home with its wood slat ceiling. The slats are positioned just below the ceiling lighting and the shadows cast by the light streaming through the slats creates an interesting and dramatic effect on the dusky grey walls. The walk in shower is tiled in jet-black and the pops of colour in the space are the white shower curtain, towels, sink and toilet. The chrome fixtures gleam against the jet-black tiles.

architect-alex-bykov-creates-a-home-in-constant-motion-evening living.jpg

From the bathroom you pass through the entry area and are once again in the living space. In the evening the space is cast in a dim light to bring the feeling of dusk inside. The glow of light from the bedroom passing through the glass partitions on top of the walls create a sense of a moonlit glow.


Alex Bykov


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