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Comfortable Leather Lounge Chair – Cross Leg Chair by Magnus Long

This cross leg chair by Magnus Long looks like one of the most comfortable leather lounging chairs we’ve seen! Designed for The Coran Shop, the back legs are crossed – what a unique and memorable touch. And there is such detailed cross-stitching around the seat. That’s always the mark of a master craftsperson’s work. Doesn’t the leather look simply luscious? The chair is manufactured in Italy and Magnus Long has a huge history of quality leather work, so we would expect no less. The seat looks incredibly comfortable with the molded form. And the overall beauty of this piece can’t be denied. It would surely enhance any room, but just imagine eight of these chairs around a long rustic wooden table. Or a glass table for that matter. Or just one chair by itself in the corner. You get the picture. This is a chair to remember.



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