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A Small Apartment Gets A Modern Makeover by Ganna

ganna-design-modernizes-a-small-taiwanese-apartment .jpg
This apartment is small in scale but huge in personality. The backdrop is kept light and neutral with a natural pale wood finish on the flooring; soft white walls and a flagstone patterned area rug. Layered into this muted surround is bold hits of colour via the Ferrari red mirror frame leaning against the wall and the turquoise wardrobe in the Master Bedroom that is clearly visible from the living space. A bright white lacquered cabinet holds the TV while a more traditional chest acts as a coffee table. In the distance the kitchen’s centre island repeats the lacquered finish of the media credenza and the bar stool repeats the Ferrari red – as does the chair in the bedroom.

The Master Bedroom showcases the wall of turquoise cabinetry against a backdrop of grey tones on the wall. A Sky Blue couch is visible through the opening on the opposite wall of the living space.
The kitchen has a bank of soft grey cabinetry and glass back splash, the door off of the living space repeats the grey from the kitchen and the glass vases on the counter repeat the blues from the living space. The drama is kept for the light fixtures over the bar; they are a stunning midnight black on the outside and brilliant amber on the inside. These fixtures are the focal point of the room creating a sense of sculpture in an otherwise streamlined and uncluttered space.
Just past the kitchen is the Powder Room and rather then trying to hide the location it is instead showcased in a bright and beautiful shade of citrus green. There is even an architectural detail coloured in the same shade of green mounted on the wall over the passageway to the “green wing”.
Inside the Powder Room the boldness continues with a tangerine framed mirror.
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