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Tips To Create A Breathtaking Dining Room

It’s been quite a while since we’ve been able to sit down and enjoy a fun-filled dinner party. Though most of the world is still on lockdown we can only hope at some point we will be able to gather our favorite people and enjoy a nice meal with a great glass of wine. To keep the hope alive, we have decided to construct an article on new breathtaking dining rooms. Think of this article as a Pinterest-worthy moment. Here are a few of our favorite ways to create a breathtaking dining room in 2021.

Define the Area

When in doubt about how many seats to add always consider more. You can always hide some chairs or use them elsewhere.

Just because we aren’t having dinner parties doesn’t mean we can’t redecorate and create a Pinterest-worthy space. When it comes to creating a breathtaking dining room, the first thing you want to do is define your space. Whether your space is big or small, you want to consider: how many people will be sitting in it? And how often it will be used? Is it meant to be formal? Do you prefer a more modern approach? Once you have answered these questions it time to consider your furniture. Use a round table for a more intimate approach and a rectangular one for those that prefer something more modern.

Focus on Lighting

The more unique and eclectic your light fixture is the grander it will make the space appear.

One decorative item that’s extremely important to any room is your lighting. It’s all about the light fixtures that you decide to use. Whether you use one large chandelier or multiple fixtures, you want to ensure it’s a bold focus in the room. For that breathtaking approach, we recommend a unique light fixture. There is nothing quite like having a bold item that will make a room come to life while creating a daring appeal.

Daring Table Setting

If you don’t want to go too out of the box with your table consider using stools as your chairs for a minimal yet enchanting feel to your area.

Make the table the focus of the room by bringing in a daring piece of furniture. Even if you prefer a minimal approach, having that bold element will instantly make your dining room come to life. When selecting a daring table consider the table itself and the chairs that you’re using. You can go for a set of dining tables and chairs or you can choose to mix and match. 

Wallpapered Ceiling

There’s something magical about having a wallpapered ceiling. It feels as if you can escape to another world by simply having this feature.

Why is it that we always forget to decorate the ceiling? Seems as many of us love the idea of decorating a room yet leave the ceiling out of the picture overall. To create a breathtaking approach, take a traditional display to the next level by incorporating a daring ceiling. This can be done by adding modern wallpaper to your ceiling and having the walls of your dining room with a minimal display. Doing both will create a unique showcase that will instantly become the most talked-about area in your home.

All About Personality

You can add personality in a minimalist way and have it make a huge statement

Just when you thought things couldn’t get better, here we come with the ultimate challenge for you- create a dining room that is injected with personality but not just any personality YOUR personality. It’s all about adding pieces that instantly make it feel like “you.” Whether that be a space full of color, texture, fixtures or all 3 do not worry too much about adding too much and just do it. Work with elements that instantly make the room feel welcoming and engaging. Furthermore, consider having a bold piece that screams your name from the mountain tops.

Color & Texture

If you can’t decide how to add texture and color at once consider using flowers and greenery for an effortless form of doing so.

When it comes to color and texture, it’s all about going big and bold. Whether you prefer a more muted tone or a vivid one you want to work with high gloss paint. Having a glossy finish to all of the paint in your dining room will instantly create a reflective showcase that makes any space come to life. Nevertheless, it enables you to work with any color you would like and have it become the statement of the room. To add texture contemplate having unique or tufted seats that you can change up often without having to completely change the room. It’s all about the appeal that takes the room to the next level.

More Than One Lighting

Using two identical light fixtures will instantly give your dining room a facelift.

Instead of concentrating on having one bold light fixture. If you have the space, why not have two? Sometimes the room needs two fixtures to truly brighten it up. When deciding on using two fixtures, consider the idea of going for a matching approach. Doing so will not only give the room an asymmetrical approach, but it will instantly make the room feel grander. The key is spreading your fixtures throughout your ceilings to cover as much ground as possible.

Art Pieces

When it comes to art, you want to bring in as much color and texture as possible.

There is something magical about having bold, pieces of art that will make any space come to life, filled with personality. It’s one of the best ways to refresh your space while adding color and texture. Consider having one bold piece in the room and working your décor into it by using the same color palette. It’s all about taking the room to the next level while still making the room feel grand, no matter what elements you decide to have in a room.

Custom Furniture

When in doubt, upholster your chairs in a bold pattern and allow that to be your personalized element

Make your room, unlike any other you have ever encountered by using custom furniture. Doing so instantly take your décor to the next level with a charming approach. Consider bringing in a unique chair, or even designing your dining table from scratch. It’s one of those decorating pieces you can have complete control of no matter what the rest of the room might offer. Use a unique shape to completely switch up the room’s authentic display.

Mix & Match

Mix colors to get the most out of the room while having your personality at the forefront.

As an alternative to traditional décor bring in a mix & match aesthetically. Whether that involves you using a variety of decorating styles or you simply take your favorite pieces from different designers and bringing them together to create one color story. The key is keeping everything cohesive and making sense. As long as your décor makes sense the room will feel modern and pleasing to the eye.

When it comes to your dining room are you a slave to traditional décor? Or are you open to trying different styles? Share your thoughts below.



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