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Cozy Sofas – cool sofa designs by Riva

A cozy sofa is what you’re really looking forward to seeing when you come home after a long and hard day. These cool sofa designs by Italian furniture company Riva offer the perfect blend of fashion and function. The Patmos sofas feature wood-panel inserts set between soft, full-grain leather, adding a convenient surface and a rustic-chic look to otherwise minimalist, contemporary pieces. And further connecting design with nature, just imagine this gorgeous sofa next to that large window in the living room or den, where nature is yours to experience both indoors and out. The base of the sofa and pouf is made of natural iron, also available in a sleek, chrome finish. This cozy sofa is versatile, available in a number of configurations and dimension to suit your space and style, or have it custom-sized to your specifications. Check out these cool sofa designs at Riva.



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