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My Floor Made from Cork? Why Not…

Want your floors be made of environmentally safe and healthy choice material? Think Natural Cork. This may be a completely new concept to you but … installed over a 100 years ago, cork flooring still stands in the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. Back in favor, this natural flooring is already enjoying a growing consumer demand thanks to benefits of cork that cannot be matched by other floors.
Learn more at Natural Cork, 1-800-404-2675 – the established supplier of cork flooring.
Some interesting facts about the cork flooring…

-Durable – if well maintained, your cork floor will last for decades, can be rejuvenated with a new coat of polyurethane.
-Comfortable – it’ll compress when stepped on to provide a cushion for your feet.
-Fire Resistant – cork is a flame inhibitor and will not spread fire .
-Thermal and Sound Insulator – cork particles are filled with air and thus will retain warm feel and reduce noise.
-Anti-microbial – cork is resistant to mold and mildew.
-Insect Repellent – cork contains Suberin that is a natural insect repellent. Even termites are kept away.
-Creates a warm feel – if carpet flooring causing you allergies, replace it with cork and still enjoy the same comfort and warmth.
-In addition, cork is a “green-building” material that is obtained from the bark of the tree without damaging the tree itself.
Natural Cork is excellent for commercial floors.


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