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My Floor Made from Cork? Why Not…

natural cork flooring My Floor Made from Cork? Why Not...
Want your floors be made of environmentally safe and healthy choice material? Think Natural Cork. This may be a completely new concept to you but … installed over a 100 years ago, cork flooring still stands in the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. Back in favor, this natural flooring is already enjoying a growing consumer demand thanks to benefits of cork that cannot be matched by other floors.
Learn more at Natural Cork, 1-800-404-2675 – the established supplier of cork flooring.
Some interesting facts about the cork flooring…

-Durable – if well maintained, your cork floor will last for decades, can be rejuvenated with a new coat of polyurethane.
-Comfortable – it’ll compress when stepped on to provide a cushion for your feet.
-Fire Resistant – cork is a flame inhibitor and will not spread fire .
-Thermal and Sound Insulator – cork particles are filled with air and thus will retain warm feel and reduce noise.
-Anti-microbial – cork is resistant to mold and mildew.
-Insect Repellent – cork contains Suberin that is a natural insect repellent. Even termites are kept away.
-Creates a warm feel – if carpet flooring causing you allergies, replace it with cork and still enjoy the same comfort and warmth.
-In addition, cork is a “green-building” material that is obtained from the bark of the tree without damaging the tree itself.
natural cork flooring1 My Floor Made from Cork? Why Not...
Natural Cork is excellent for commercial floors.



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