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15 Conversation Pits That Are Making A Comeback

Retro in spirit but making their way around to be a more contemporary mark on the home, conversation pits are here to stay. These nice additions to your extra-large living room are such a treat to not only have but style and personalize as well. Settled in a lower nook of the space, you’ll have such a great time entertaining in this cozy spot.

rustic covered porch conversation pit 900x600 15 Conversation Pits That Are Making A Comeback

Curbed begins our journey with this fabulous conversation pit nestled inside a very open, covered porch. Highlighted by ceiling shelves and a lot of rustic, wooden vibes, it’s quite the eclectic getaway. And it’s so perfect for entertaining and enjoying the natural light pouring in.

contemporary sunken living room conversation pit 900x611 15 Conversation Pits That Are Making A Comeback

Check out Pinterest for inspiration regarding your home makeover or renovation. Think about adding a super cool sunken space – or conversation pit – inside you open living room. With pleather cushions and a fireplace focus, it’ll make an amazing spot for entertaining.

Home Designing showed off this gorgeous conversation-esque pit that’s accenting a super trendy bedroom. Complete with a fireplace setting, we’re really loving this offbeat design and how it brings vintage ideas into a more contemporary vision.

This vibrant, purple conversation pit is the relaxation nook that we’ve all been dreaming of. Forget a reading corner, we’re all about this open, modern spread and it’s lush, welcoming appeal. Check out more spots like this over at Dwell.

Interiors by M has a personal favorite up their sleeve. This conversation pit was taken from out-of-date to contemporary chic with a matter of the right accents and styling. We’re loving the monochromatic, textural theme happening here; especially the cream and grey color combination.

Here’s a fun, 1970’s-inspired space that we’re really digging. The vibrant colors and that throwback style really m makes a splash in this open area. Thanks to Pinterest for the find and always keeping up on our decor-loving toes.

Here’s a more masculine take that we were really drawn to and found over at Decoist. Wooden foundations and a pop of grey make this a super on-trend space giving us a vast amount of hipster vibes. You could easily turn this into the “man cave” of the house.

Interiors by Studio M featured this beautiful bohemian display. It’s actually more of a “makeshift” conversation pit as there’s no “sunken” foundation to the scene. But, if you have a spare room or area you’d want to have a cozier, more warm appeal, then you can easily recreate this.

Check out this ultra contemporary space we found at Design Trends. We’ve got plush, purple cushions and a solid foundation to work with. There are so many ways to personalize and style this area, we love that it goes right off the kitchen as well for easy entertaining.

If you like the mixture of natural texture in your modern home, then you’ll want to take a second look at this space from Inside Hook. The balance of contemporary lines and farmhouse quality is seamless here, even to the conversation pit which is highlight by the doors overlooking the backyard area.

And then we have this extra funky nook found on Pinterest too! It’s a smaller conversation pit and perfect for those with a more youthful style. The neutral foundation and mixed prints makes this a really interesting and quirky place to relax.

Impressive Interior Design shows off more than just a conversation pit, this is an entire room that’s meant for relaxing and entertaining. We love the “step down” appeal and how it has so much natural lighting. It’s the perfect cabin or beach house addition when you’ve got an amazing view to enjoy.

Conversation pits can be outside too. Just take a look at this amazing addition to the backyard brought to up by Architecture & Design. This stone design is such a beauty, especially for those that love to entertain in the spring and summertime.

Contemporist shows off one of the more unique styles of the bunch. Another outdoor design, it’s chic and has a minimalistic value. We’re loving the crisp white and natural green combination.

Here’s another extra cozy spot brought to us by Apartment Therapy. Again, it’s more of a “makeshift” conversation pit and inspired by the vintage designs. But, we’re in love with the recreation and can see it being a really fun and easy DIY for our own homes.



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