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Contemporary Tile Line from Trikeenan – Modulus Ebb and Flow tiles

Modulus is a contemporary tile line created by the talented artisans at Trikeenan Tileworks. The unique Ebb and Flow design is just one of 14 shapes that this stylish contemporary tile line includes. It features an organic pattern that emulates the gentle curves produced by undulating ocean waves. The tile can be used on its own or paired with other Trikeenan tiles to enhance any design. The color combination seen here incorporates only three of the 25 colors available in the Modulus contemporary line. In fact, the Modulus color pallet has been carefully selected to coordinate with the 51 other glazes and 14 other colors available in other Trikeenan collections, and is available in 6 different trim styles. This versatility makes Ebb and Flow the perfect choice for your space, as it is able to stand out on its own or be integrated with complementary tile lines. Its durability makes it suited for high-traffic areas, and its flexibility ensures that you’ll find the tiles you need to enhance a refined and elegant design. Trikeenan


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