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Contemporary Kitchen from Tisettanta – Soya kitchen design

Soya contemporary kitchen design - click to enlarge
In order to create culinary masterpieces, it’s so important to know where everything is in your kitchen… that’s why the Soya contemporary kitchen design from Tisettanta is ideal for dedicated cooks. Having precisely the right place for each kitchen implement and every piece of tableware is fundamental to the Soya kitchen’s modern design. The overall visual impression is one of sleek modernity – stainless steel storage units are contrasted by additional fabulous cabinetry in black. Sliding the roomy drawers open reveals smart storage alternatives such as the sturdy plastic plate holders pictured. By the sink, coordinating stainless steel drying racks are located conveniently behind the faucet. Cooking essentials hang neatly behind the stovetop – revealing to all who enter this is a contemporary kitchen that is used and loved – not only for display. The Soya kitchen design from Tisettanta can well match your personality through its countless features of style and organisation.



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