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Rounded Kitchen from Fiamberti – trendy Rolly kitchen

Fluid sweeping workspaces that create a dynamic cooking environment, the Rolly rounded kitchen by Fiamberti embraces movement and creativity. Cook up innovative dinners and decadent taste experiences in the gleaming and glamorous Rolly Kitchen. Rounded to make the most of you kitchen space and to complement your cooking style, the Rolly Kitchen allows you to creatively transform your contemporary home. Featuring cabinets in bold strong colours and topped in an array of countertop materials, the Fiamberti have created a flexible and unique contemporary kitchen. A brilliant rounded kitchen design that captures modern sophistication within its curving cabinets, the Rolly kitchen makes it simple to prep, cook and clean. A trendy new kitchen design by Fiamberti, the Rolly rounded kitchen blends fluid ergonomics with modern contemporary style.



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