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Contemporary Bed by Zeitraum – new Guest bed is 2 beds in 1

The new Guest bed from Zeitraum is a versatile and slim contemporary bed ideal for a broad variety of situations. It’s such a clever concept: an unobtrusive contemporary item that is actually two handy beds solidly stacked together – without any cumbersome fixings. With looks that could be interpreted as a stylish sofa (and stacked with cushions) for the daytime in a living area, the Guest bed is indeed just right for occasional visitors. Teenagers with limited space in their room might also appreciate the all-round adaptability of the bed. Black cushions contrast with natural wood for a thoroughly modern aspect, plus there is also an attractive stand which would work both as a nightstand or a daytime coffee table. Cozy in the day as a sofa and at night as a double bed, the Guest bed is a surprisingly sensible, yet undeniably chic, choice from Zeitraum.


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