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Contemporary Bed from Molteni – the Clip Italian bed

With a brilliant folding profile the Italian Clip bed brings modern character into the bedroom. Inspired by the humble paperclip, Patricia Urquiola designed a bold contemporary bed. The Clip’s thin headboard folds with flair and then runs along the base of the bed. It then curves up and folds back on itself to run along the top. The prominent edge with its inset panel is similar to a hardback book in form. A bed with personality, the Clip features an adjustable headboard. Ranging from tall and proud, to reclined and relaxed, to a streamlined shelf; the flexing headboard makes it simple to give this modern bed a new flavour and mood from day to day. The Clip is designed to hold a recessed mattress and can be fabulously accented with the matching lacquered bedside table. Molteni offer the Clip in a wide range of removable fabric and leather covers making it easy to find the right complement for any room.



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