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Contemporary bathroom furniture from Bristol and Bath – the Kirsten bathroom collection

As shinning metal has become a common element in sleek modern designs, people have been searching for new and unique alternatives with which to characterise their contemporary bathroom furniture. The Kirsten bathroom collection achieves this through a distinctive rustic-modern style. The simple rectilinear basins are aged with a rust-like finish, that adds a comfortable worn feel to the strict geometry. Like a comfortable worn jumper, this bathroom collection feels well used and established in contrast to the clinical sparseness of most modern designs. The Kirsten wall mounted basin is available in two earthy finishes that bring a splash of colour into the room. The dark green-grey and a bright yellow ochre lightly stipple the light metal frame, while providing a solid mottled colour across the front panel. Perfect for urban interiors, the Kirsten contemporary bathroom collection offers the minimalist form in an easy to live in style. Available from Bristol and Bath, the Kirsten collection brings a sense of history to the newest of styles.


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