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Concrete Bathtub from HighTech – the Mussel Shell Bathtub is inspired by nature

Embracing the simple shapes found in nature, the Concrete Mussel Shell Bathtub from HighTech is for those with refined taste. Generous proportions (240 x 150 x 52.5 cm) make this bathtub big enough for two – and the unusual contours make all sorts of different relaxing positions possible. You can stretch out in any direction, totally uninhibited by angles or corners. Rendered in concrete, the Mussel Shell bath feels wonderfully strong and bold. The base of pebbles serves a dual purpose: both to catch any overlapping water and to add to the exotic sensation of exploring the elements of nature. An iconic element suitable for large bathrooms, the bathtub will transcend trends. Make the elegant Concrete Mussel Shell Bathtub an eye-catching part of your bathroom decor, contact HighTech.
Complement the bathtub with this fabulous fossil-shaped sink, also from HighTech.



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