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Compact Secretary Desk and New Collection from Harto

Harto, a new design studio, has just released its first furniture collection and it radiates that Parisian simplicity and style. It’s leek and elegant – and clever all at once. The Juliet wall shelf – made from sheet metal for strength and coated with dense matted lacquer – is part wall shelf, part partition, part sculpture. And it’s available in a range of colors to suit any room. The geometric reading lamp, dubbed Elisabeth, keeps to the simple lines with a pencil-thin wire frame. The “Ernest” rocking chair is dense foam upholstered in wool felt for a very comfortable seat. The “Gustave” stool, in oak, is shown at the compact secretary desk, and is available in multiple colors. The Harto Hyppolite Desk is designed by Florence Watine. This compact secretary desk is an elegant workstation that will fit in any space and makes maximum use of the footprint. High veneer oak finish and base metal with matt lacquer legs are more examples of the simplicity and style of this collection. Three drawers, three cubbyholes and a top shelf with a raised piece of wood to keep things from being brushed off – how’s that for detail? You could keep a lot of projects organized in this compact desk, without compromising style for space. A winning collection from a new design house – we look forward to seeing more from Harto!

The compact secretary desk is big on workspace and storage.
The Juliet shelving looks like stairs!
The pieces in this collection look fantastic together.
With sleek lines and tons of work room, this is the only desk you’ll ever need.
More information: Harto Design


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