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Convertible bathroom vanity from Decotec – La Malle des Indes vanity

Keep your beauty secrets safe with this stylish vanity by Paris-based Decotec. The La Malle des Indes bathroom vanity represents the perfect marriage between beautiful and practical. This one piece basin/worktop was created for the “Bohemian” lifestyle, where design is not sacrificed for function. La Malle des Indes is available in 3 versions: lacquered MDF (shown in red), zebrano wood veneer or leather effect melamine. When not in use, the closed vanity appears to simply be an elegant chest of drawers. When the table top is lifted and the bottom cabinets are opened, an illuminated mirror, basin with single hole tap and overflow, internal glass shelf, 1 internal drawer, two wing-style doors with shelving and a chrome plated towel bar are all revealed. The unit is delivered fully assembled and available starting at $3,400 (US). Decotec


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