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Classic Mesquite Flooring from Mesquite and Hardwood Milling Designs – green hardwood flooring

When choosing hardwood flooring the possibilities are endless, but with the classic Mesquite flooring you can be reassured. A rich ruddy wood, Mesquite is full of unique features and textures. Full of swirling grains it adds a visual interest and vitality. Classic Mesquite flooring is harder wearing, shrinks less, and is more stable than similar hardwoods like Oak and Hickory, making it prefect for busy homes. Besides all its fine properties though, the Mesquite and Hardwood Milling Designs (MHM) have created floors that are environmentally sound. Mesquite is a common wood found in Texas; often it is destroyed or burned when clearing agricultural fields. MHM rescue these fine woods and creates a distinctive green flooring and provides local jobs in the process. They are careful to avoid any waste; any saw dust or small off-cuts are recycled into BBQ supplies. By using a local fast growing wood, exotic woods are of less demand and fewer toxins are produced in transporting them. Hardwood floors generally are better for your health, as they don’t harbour the dust or mould, thus providing clean air within your home. A hard-wearing distinctive floor that is as good for the planet as it is for your home, Mesquite is a fabulous choice for modern designs. MHM Designs delivers the flooring unfinished, so it can be personalised to your tastes.



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