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You Can Rent this Amazingly Chic Home Interior Space from The Playing Circle

All photography by Aico Lind.
Loft 1 is not just a showroom of The Playing Circle’s available furniture and accessories for rent, it is also a location they own and operate, proving that not only are their designs beautiful, they are also seriously functional. It is a space filled with everything you could possibly need for living comfortably, entertaining in style and having productive work related business meetings both large and small.

The Playing Circle rents out complete packages of chic and self designed spaces for meetings and gatherings and their Loft 1 is a prime example of how well their selections work both visually and functionally. How often do you sit in a cold and uncomfortable waiting room, wishing it where more like home with a cozy chair and a small side table next to you supporting interesting reading material? Wouldn’t this example be just perfect?
The warm, comfy residential aesthetic of the various vignettes prove that a space for business and/or business meetings does not have to be stark and uncomfortable. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a board meeting in this setting?
The Playing Circle believes that meeting spaces are places where brainstorming and creativity take place and the more comfortable and artistically expressed the spaces are, the more creative the brainstorming will be.
With a wide array of products on hand, end results are completely flexible to suit whatever needs and aesthetics each project requires.
The selection of accessories is wide and varied allowing for a more natural and curated aesthetic.
Accessories can be pulled together thematically for business specific applications or grouped together via color and material according to the architectural details within a space.
Not all the focus is on business meetings; there are selections for every aspect of daily and life.
Every part of a 24 hour cycle is well represented.
We love the fact that every room is represented and not just the social zones.
Every detail is taken care of from staff, catering and supplies – all to create an end product that is stylish, unique and purposeful.
The Playing Circle
Photography by Aico Lind


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