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Bedside Tables That Add Just The Right Amount Of Chic

Is your bedside table becoming an area filled with everyday items such as books, chargers or even cellphones? If so, it is time to take your space back and make your bedside table the staple of the room once again. Here are a few bedside tables that add just the right amount of chic to the room regardless of how big or small your bedroom is.


The mirrored finish will add a unique appeal that adds an additional element to bring beauty to the room.

We absolutely love mirror finished furniture. There is something about them that adds that hint of luxury while still being put together and seamless in the room. Consider having two mirrored bedside tables and allowing them to make the main statement in the room. Having this feature allows you to have a beautiful touch of chic that embraces the room.


For an eclectic feel consider going for an open table that makes the room feel put together yet open and airy

Why have traditional, minimal bedside tables when you can have something completely unique and different to the room. The idea is to have a unique piece that brings the room a twist of eclectic. Think of it as the perfect way to add a chic appeal to your room without redecorating it entirely.

Multiple Storages

Having a bedside table with storage is great when you want to keep your everyday necessities close but not on display. Consider it the place you can keep your books and chargers without having to showcase them for all to see.

Choose a bedside table that offers an extensive selection of storage. Is there such a thing as too much storage in a room? Absolutely not! The more storage you have, the better. Furthermore, it allows you to store your items from the view of your guests while still having enough décor in the room that nothing feels out of place.

Open shelving

Bring on open shelving when you want to create a sense of openness, while still being chic and put together.

We love the concept of having open shelving in the room, having open shelving brings a touch of openness to the room while still allowing you to display the items you would like showcased in the room. Allow the room to feel open and airy with this kind of shelving for a beautiful pairing that enhances the side of the room.


Consider a gem colored bedside table for the ultimate colorful touch that makes sense in the room

For a modern appeal, consider adding a colorful bedside table for a beautiful appeal that enhances the room. The idea is to embrace the room by adding color and appeal all at once. Having a colorful element will enhance the room in general, while being appealing yet beautiful to look at all at once.


Go for a bold white table to bring beauty and texture to the room. Consider having a white table with a metallic touch for a sleek uniqueness.

White is one of those colors that flow seamlessly in a room. Additionally, it blends well with any color you already have in the room. This allows you to have a staple piece that makes the room feel not only put together but grand as well.

Keep it small

The smaller the table the sleeker it will appear. Additionally, there is the element of uniqueness and balance that a smaller table will provide.

If you have a smaller room and are afraid of adding too many items as it might cause the room to appear smaller, consider going for a smaller table. Not all bedside table have to be grand and over the top, some of them can be smaller and a bit more contained for a beautiful appeal in the room. It’s a way to keep your décor balanced overall.

Contrasting Color

When selecting what colors to use consider hues that work not only well together, but with the decor you might already have. 

Why have a bedside table in one color when you can have one that comes in contrasting colors. A contrasting color bedside table is perfect for those that want to have a sense of color and uniqueness without taking away from what you already have. This works well when you are working with wood or wood-like elements.

Metallic bits

When you want to have a metallic twist, but with a feminine touch, consider a rose gold hue. Rose gold is the perfect blend between modern, traditional feminine decor. 

Metallic is one of those elements that simply work well in any room. Consider having a metallic bedside table to bring that contrasting approach. The metallic bit brings a unique twist that enhances the room in more ways than one. Furthermore, there is the element of breaking down your décor with a metallic twist.

Two is better than one

Having both of your bedside tables, mirror each other is the perfect way of bringing a more balanced approach towards your decor.

Why have one bedside table when you can have two? The key to having two bedside tables is making sure they are identical. Identical tables are great for creating an asymmetrical appeal in the room. Furthermore, you want to create a sense of uniformity in the room while still taking a modern approach towards it.

Do you have bedside tables? Please, share with us your ideas below.


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