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Bedside table ideas that will bring a sense of modern to your décor

Bedrooms can be a bit complicated to decorate when you don’t have much of a theme going on or when you aren’t certain of the direction your room should have. One staple that will forever remain classic to a room is bedside tables. Bedside tables are a great addition to any room due to how functional and easy they are to blend into the room. Contrary to popular belief bedside tables can bring a sense of modern to a room if you simply use the right ones. Here are 10 bedside tables that will bring a sense of modern to your décor in a seamless manner.


Instead of having a table with metallic accents, consider having a full on metallic table to make a huge impact in the room.

When it comes to adding bits of modern the very first thing you want to take note of us is how many metallic bits there is in the space. If you happen to have a few metallic pieces it might be time to add some more, that is where a bedside table with hints of metallic will work exceptionally well in the room. The key is having a bedside table that works with the colors you already have in the room.

Keep it Minimal

The idea of having minimal bedside tables might not seem so appealing, but when you truly think about it, it allows you to decorate around them as much as you would like.

While most of us love the idea of having a bedside table, not all of us want bulky tables that take away from the room instead of giving it a vibrant approach. With that in mind, consider having two identical bedside tables with a minimal appeal. The minimal touch will ensure the room looks put together without taking away from what you already have.

Just One

Whether you choose to have a modern side table or a minimal one, you want your table to make a statement on its very own.

Having a smaller bedroom means you might not have the space to be able to have two bedside tables, but the good news is you could still have one. The key is having a bold one that makes a statement and makes you need that you do not need another. Just one table on the side makes a deep statement without overcrowding the room.

Uniquely Chic

The more modern your table is, the better it will appear. It will also make the room feel grander, all at once.

Sometimes a room can feel bland, or as if it is missing “something,” if that is the case for you, it is time to spice it up but in a unique kind of way. The best way to bring something different and fun to a room is by having a unique piece. The simple use of a contemporary bedside paired with a minimal room will create a grand appeal in the space without taking away from the décor.

Simply Wooden

When in doubt, consider a lighter shade of wood. A lighter hue will help expand the room while still giving you that chic appeal.

Do not bypass the beauty a simple wooden table can make in any room. A simple wooden table with storage can do wonders in a room that is rich in décor. The key is working with a shade of wood that blends perfectly with the other decorating styles that you already have in the room.


A simple white side table with a bit of metallic will bring just the right twist to any decor you might have.

If you are in the market for simplicity, this is the way to go. A simple white bedside table not only looks chic but it’s contemporary enough that it will enhance the room without taking from your décor. Furthermore, white bedside tables are quite aesthetically pleasing while with just the right amount of versatility.


A mirrored bedside tables brighten the room overall allowing you to make the room feel grander in an elegant way.

Mirrored bedside tables are not only on trend, but they have become a top favorite for many consumers. Their beauty has captured many due to how well they morph to any decorative style. Furthermore, mirrored bedside tables bring a brightening effect due to how much light they capture- they work great in smaller rooms due to this feature.


If you truly want to embrace the color of the room, consider matching the color of your table to the accent hues you already have in the room.

There is nothing quite like adding color to your décor, it not only brightens the overall look of the room, but it helps bring character. If you have been considering adding bedside tables, this is the perfect time to do so, especially if you are looking for a colorful twist. Painting your bedside tables is the way to go. Doing so allows you to capture the appeal you would like with the simple use of color.

Small & Yellow

One of the great aspects of using yellow as part of your decor is, no matter how you display it the yellow will always compliment your other decor.

Occasionally, a room needs something chic, charming, and colorful, and what is more colorful than the color yellow. Yellow is such a powerhouse shade that it’s perfect when a room needs something extra. When working with yellow the idea is to have a minimal approach toward it for a subtle yet bold contrast. While this might seem like a paradox, it works quite well when you are trying to create that charm that is felt in the room.


When going for a narrow table, consider the size of it in order to create a balancing act between your decor and what you plan on adding.

Narrow tables are great when you have a smaller space between the wall and your bed. A narrow table will give you that sense of “normalcy” without taking away from the room. It allows you to have a lamp or smaller necessary items right where you need it.

Since these bedside tables bring a modern twist, which of them is your favorite? Share with us your ideas below.


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