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Champagne Glass Shaped Table Lamps

cheerful champagne glass shaped table lamps 1 thumb 630x418 28945 Champagne Glass Shaped Table Lamps

Designed by Pedro Mendes for SOWHAT? PPP, the People table lamp is a cheerful creation. It is a design that characterizes the company’s attitude of optimism, enthusiasm and provocation. Though it looks good by itself, we rather prefer to see it as a bunch. As they say, the more the merrier! The base of the lamp is made of clear glass and looks like the base of a champagne glass, with the simple exposed light bulbs as the bubbles! The sockets come in different strong colors such as red, green, blue or yellow, but also in more neutral white and grey. Its reduced size of 36 cm tall and 13 cm diameter makes it the perfect bedside table lamp. It is a discreet and elegant presence at the same time, and the design is intriguing. The version with the golden transparent bulb gets a warmer and more feminine touch, while the clear bulb version stays more sober and masculine. A simple idea that manages to break out of the ordinary and make us smile!

cheerful champagne glass shaped table lamps 2 thumb 630x452 28947 Champagne Glass Shaped Table Lamps



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