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Charming and Minimal Decorating Ideas To Upgrade Your Bedroom

It is the first week of May, meaning it’s time to Spring clean the house, move furniture, Sage corners, and upgrade the home. The beginning of May is a huge sign that Summer is officially on the way. With that being said, your bedroom needs a revamp and here are charming and minimal decorating ways to do just that.

Sage Green

The beauty of sage is you can blend it anywhere. It’s such a subtle shade that it makes a big impact anywhere it is placed.

One-color that is coming at us extremely strong this year is sage green. Sage is such a beautiful hue because of its versatility. It’s not only easy on the eye but it’s such a unique shade for Spring. Bring it in as part of your bedding for a sweet appeal.

Accent Wall right behind the Bed

When we say add an accent wall we don’t necessarily mean going crazy with decor or having an extremely bold wallpaper. We mean keeping it chic and cohesive while being easy on the eye.

Many of us know the appeal of having an accent wall, but not many know how big of an impact it can make in any room. Particularly, when it is placed behind the bed. The act of having your accent wall directly behind your bed gives the room a huge appeal because it provides a bold accent right where you need it most The best part is there are multiple wallpaper designs you can choose from that are not permanent to the wall.

Industrial Pieces

For that industrial approach bring in a modern vibe that feels engaging yet easy and fitting to the eye.

Though Spring is in full effect we are here to share that industrial pieces are not going anywhere. Matter of fact, the idea of using industrial pieces should be more than welcome as their oh-so on-trend. Consider working with pieces that have an unfinished aspect to them. They’re unique and charming while showcasing a personal vibe throughout the room.

Dive into Texture

Adding texture means you can go big or go home and enjoy every single step along the way. It’s all about taking the room to the next level with ease.

Do not be afraid of diving deep into textures and textiles. You want to have a bold take on textures and allow them to make the statement they’re intended to make. It’s about taking your decor to the next level with an open mind. Work with 3-4 textures at a time and allow them to be the touch that makes the room feel updated.


Bring in a textured wallpaper to make the room look and feel as grander as possible with a chic charm.

Spring is all about patterns- this year it’s no exception. Matter of fact, it’s become one of those essentials items you have in the room. Whether it’s working with multiple different colors or simply having larger-than-life patterns embraced in the room. You want to display both and have them showcased as one.

Modern Twist

For a modernized take paint your plank wood walls with a whitewash and watch the room transform.

Modernizing your decor to be everything you’ve imagined it would be is easier than most individuals think. It’s the simple act of having pieces that work well together traditionally and updating them seamlessly with a hint of modern. Modern is here to stay so embrace a piece or two and have it be what you truly need in the room.

Easy Display

The idea to keep it simple is to have everything at your fingertips no matter what type of decor you have

Spring cleaning is in full effect no matter what type of decor you have. But one trend that is here right now and works all year round is having an easy, accessible display. You want to have everything at your fingertips, no matter how or where they’re placed. The room should feel crisp and modern without overtaking the room’s natural flow. Furthermore, the key is having only the items you truly need.

Daring Lighting

For that engaging yet daring light fixture opt for a classic approach that has a daring finish. It’s the best of both worlds seamlessly.

Let’s say goodbye to traditional light fixtures and say hello to daring, bold ones. It’s all about bringing a unique spin to what you already have, making it feel new and fresh. By upgrading your light fixtures you will be ensuring the room has a focal point without being overly obvious.

Work with Plenty of Seating

If you have the space go big or go home. You want to take the space and completely transform it into the perfect seating area for you.

Normally when you think about the bedroom, we don’t think “seats” or “do I need seats” many skip them entirely. This time around consider bringing in plenty of them and having them become a part of your decor. Choose daring chairs with bold color pairings or stools that have been upholstered beautifully to add a patterned appeal.

Two-Toned Wall

The beauty of having a dark and light combination when working with a two-toned wall is how open it makes a room feel no matter how dark the hues can be.

If you truly want to make a bold impact with color, take your walls to the next level by bringing a two-tone showcase. The key is not just working with two-toned hues, it’s using the same shade twice but with different ranges. It’s all about showcasing what two shades can do to a room without having to completely change the room around.

Share with us which of these ideas are you most intrigued by in the comments below.


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