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10 Shades of Green That Will Make You Want to Incorporate Green Hues into Your Home

One of the least colors used in a home is the color green. Although it is a vibrant and bold shade that happens to be nature’s favorite hue many are a bit intimidated by it. Furthermore, many will argue that there just isn’t a good way to utilize green in the home without the color appearing too aggressive. The truth is the color green can be a great accent color when it is utilized properly and mixed in with other hues to give it the spotlight it deserves. Here are 10 shades of green that are sure to make you want to find areas to incorporate green hues into your residence.

Pea Green

Pea green is perfect when paired with numerous different colors. However, if you really want to create a contrast add pops of yellow to the room. The pops of yellow will make the room appear larger and not compete with the boldness of the green hue in the room.

Pea green is a beautiful shade to use in your home because of how soft yet versatile it is. Although this is a bold color it allows you to work around it in numerous different ways. Pair it with neutral shades such as beige, white, or even gray to create the perfect versatile contrast. You can even blend in different shades of blue or yellow to add pops of color to the room.

Mossy Greens

Although we love mossy green for a dining room it also works in your kitchen as a pop of color. The richness of the color is perfect as a kitchen island. It will stand out from the rest of the colors you may already have plus let’s not forget it will give that natural twist to your kitchen space.

When you think of mossy greens you may think of hues that appear a bit lackluster. However, they are perfect for adding a vintage flair to your living room or dining room space. In fact, a mossy green is a perfect color for a vintage wallpaper. If you have always wanted to add wallpaper to your living room or dining room a mossy green is a way to go.

Bold Horizontal Stripes

Go bold or go home is the perfect way of describing using green bold stripes in your bathroom. Using a grading effect works well because it allows you to use different shades of green all in one single room. The key is allowing the wall to be the center of attention anywhere it is placed by using neutral shades that blend well together. 

Want to have a bold feature in your bathroom? Green is the way to go, especially if you create a bold horizontal stripe design for an accent wall. The green on the stripe design will make the space appear larger all while still being workable. What this means is adding in different colors will work beautifully without creating a clashing effect.

Mint Green

Mint green is great as a kitchen color because of how rich yet subtle and simple it is. The beauty of this color relays on how easy it will blend right into your current decor. For a bold statement paint your kitchen island and cabinets a mint green for an overall put together look.

Another top contender when it comes to using the color green in a room is, particularly when it comes to the kitchen space is mint green. Mint green is a beautiful color that appears bold yet soft and subtle all at once. Therefore, adding pops of mint green in the kitchen will give you the pop of color you need while still blending in beautifully. Paint your cabinets mint green for a bold change of color.

Fern Green

Fern green makes a statement anywhere it is placed. Especially when it is paired with other green items such as natural plants. The natural green shade will enhance the fern green hue. Add a fern color sofa for a bold touch that is rustic with a touch of modern.

Fern green is the perfect mixture of grass green and sage. The beauty of it is since it is the perfect contrast between the two. It works well in any area of the home, even as an accent color. The great thing about using fern green is that its richness makes it one of a kind.

Traditional Green

Traditional green is the perfect compliment to any room. The natural yet powerful intensity of this color makes it one of the best colors to use in your bathroom. The bathroom is meant to be relaxing. However, if you want a relaxing space that also feels very natural a traditional green will do the trick.

Traditional green is another green hue that works really well in any area of your home but in small doses. Small doses mean, it should be used as an accent color instead of an overall room hue. We recommend using traditional green as a pop of color into any space of your home, including the bathroom and even your sunroom.

Glossy Green

Lime green is the perfect shade for a glossy finish. It is bold, it is bright and it will make the ultimate statement especially when it is in a glossy finish. Pair it with crisp white lines for a retro feel that looks very trendy all at the same time. Even adding a lime green tile backsplash will make a huge difference in the kitchen.

Take your favorite shade of green and add a glossy finish to it. Doing so will give you fresh and daring take on the color. This glossy texture works great in the kitchen as it provides a retro twist that works well even in the most modern spaces. The glossy finish adds that hint of bold and daring appeal to the kitchen.

Bluish Green

Working with a shade like bluish green is great when you want a metamorphic color. The reason being bluish green will appear bluer in a space that has blue decor and greener in a space that has a greener decor. Consider meshing the two together for the perfect combination.

If you are uncertain about incorporating any shades of green a blue-green will work right into your décor. The beauty of using a bluish-green shade is that depending on the lighting around it the shade will sometimes appear bluer and other times appear greener. This is also true when you are working with mixing in other shades into your décor such as neutrals.

Pastel Green

Small touches of pastel green in different areas of your home will add a dainty touch that is subtle and charming. The beauty of it will add a brighter more gentle touch to your current decor. There is also something very country chic about having pastel green incorporated into your home.

Pastel shades are great because they are the subtle version of any hue you choose to use. A pastel green will work well in every room. Including the bedroom, and even the bathroom. The subtle hue will bring together your entire décor all at once as it will add a soft pop of color that is also charming.

Sage Green

Sage green is such a unique color that it works well even in a nursery. Consider adding in neutral shades that will create a contrast with the richness of the sage green. Pair it with darker wooden furniture for the ultimate color combination. 

The perfect rich hue of green is sage green. It is soft yet bold and can even pass as a neutral when it is placed in a neutral toned room. The beauty of this shade is that with different decor it appears a different color. For example, in a room with blue hues, it will take a blue tone. Meanwhile, in a room with mostly gray tones, it will take a gray undertone. Therefore, this color works exceptionally well with any color scheme.

To conclude, all green hues can work beautifully in any room. Please let us know below which of these green shades will you be utilizing in your current décor.


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