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CATable is a Purr-fect Combination of Desk & Cat Hangout

catable purr fect combination desk cat hangout 1 thumb 630xauto 40355 CATable is a Purr fect Combination of Desk & Cat Hangout

Designed by Ruan Hao of LYCS Architecture as a place where a feline friend can participate in a work environment without infringing on the work surface, the various holes and semi tunnels create the perfect place for a cat to explore or nap while at the same time hanging out in an unimposing manner with their favorite human.

catable purr fect combination desk cat hangout 2 thumb 630xauto 40357 CATable is a Purr fect Combination of Desk & Cat Hangout

The dual-purpose wood desk has been created out of one solid piece of wood carefully carved by hand to create the various voids.


Cats will love the various voids within the table and humans will enjoy having their cat close at hand.


Aside from the feline functionality, this desk is a stunning example of curvilinear formations.


Of course, if you laptop is put away and its time for cat play, your cat can always hop on top of the table for a little purring session of affectionate pampering.


Cats aren’t the only ones who will enjoy the tunnels and openings within the desk. Adding to the fun factor is the how the legs are splayed in different directions.


Cat or no cat, this table is awesome.
LYCS Architecture



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