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Hangout Collection by Bretz Boasts Supersized Tufting

Meera Leona Rathai for Bretz Wohntraume designed the Hangout Collection, as a series of ultra comfortable seating that is as easy on your body as it is on your eyes. The large modern tufting transforms from back to seat with just the right curve to hug your body in a gently envelope while the slightly splayed aluminium legs on the couch lift the seat to just the right height as does the five arm aluminium swivel cross base on the armchair and the cross base just happens to include the latest generation tilt function.

The Hangout Upholstered Sofa is like a cozy place by the sea, especially with its brilliant blue upholstery. It is a place that you can let your soul unwind, free your mind and relax your posture. The finely balanced “golden” sway and special upholstery technique create an intensely relaxing “hangout” feel.
The Hangout Sofa also comes in leather and while the brilliant blue upholstered version is reminiscent of the sea, the leather Hangout Sofa reflects the comforts of the land. Whether leather or upholstered, both versions are gloriously luxurious with their 2.14 metre length – perfect for stretching out on when its time to take a nap.
The Hangout Sofa is a 3-seater sofa with a contemporary profile that includes the fun dip to the backrest creating a sweeping point at either end. Contrasting with the soft organic tufting are the thin splayed aluminium feet that offer the sofa an impression of floating.
the silky smooth texture of the brilliant blue upholstery and the curved tufting create a pattern similar to that of the sun’s rays on the water, dancing gently on the sea bed.
The bold imagery of the Hangout Sofa is a perfect foil for an industrial décor and the perfect statement for a modern scheme. Surround the brilliant blue of the sofa with white, celery green or grey and add in a pop of red, purple, orange or black. The possibilities are endless.
The Hangout Sofa is 214Wx119Dx114Hcm with a seating height of 45cm.
While the Hangout Sofa is the perfect compliment for any number of armchair styles, the High-back Hangout Armchair ups the comfort factor with its Swivel and rocking features.
The Hangout swivel and rocking chair has the feel of an incredibly comfortable hammock swaying gently between the trees.
The accompanying Hangout footstool allows you to rest your legs and feet and helps you settle into your favourite inclined position for complete relaxation.
Whether reclining with your legs up on the ottoman, or sitting with your feet on the floor, the Hangout Chair hugs your back while you relax in your favourite position.
hangout-collection-bretz-wohntraume-boasts-supersized-tufting-11-leather- chair.jpg
The Hangout Chair also comes in leather and both versions stand on a five am aluminium swivel cross baswe with the latest generation tilt function.
hangout-collection-bretz-wohntraume-boasts-supersized-tufting-12- white.jpg
The Upholstered Hangout Chair comes in blue, white, and grey.
A sound wooden structure and Nosag spring system is the structural base of the Hangout’s rhombuses and the quality of the base is what allows your body to snuggle so comfortably into the tufted profile.
The softness of the tilt function is adjustable by screw, making it completely customizable.
The measurements of the Hangout Chair are 87Wx114-129D (depending on tilt position)x115Hcm and 45cm seat height.
The Hangout Collection designed by Meera Leona Rathai is a luxurious seating series that is as at home in a traditional setting as it is in a modern one.
Hangout Collection through Bretz Wohntraume


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