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Napali sectional sofa from Bretz Wohntraume

The Napali sectional sofa from German company Bretz Wohntraume is what contemporary customizable comfort is all about. This cozy corner couch comes with three basic components: the extension element (outfitted with one backrest), the corner section (with two backrests placed at a right angle), and an ottoman. From here, it’s entirely up to you how you will piece these versatile parts together, or separately – cozy loveseat for two or a straight sofa for 20, a corner configuration, a U-shaped lounging area, or plan out your living room with coordinated seating to accommodate as many people as your room can hold! And if you can’t commit to one particular set-up. you can rearrange these pieces as often as you’d like. These modular components are accented by large, plush cushions that call you to sit, lean, lie back and lounge. The luxurious velvet upholstery comes together in an eclectic yet cohesive patchwork of complementary colors and patterns. We don’t know which we love more – the rich purple shade with gold-toned pattern, or the deep blue accented with shimmering emerald green. Visit Bretz Wohntraume for more info.



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