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Built-in Ceramic Kitchen Sink by Duravit – new Cassia

Ceramic sinks in the kitchen? Yes, says Duravit! These new and unusual built-in ceramic kitchen sinks bring a little beauty into the workspace. Designed by award-winning Phoenix Design, Cassia is made in DuraCeram which boasts durability to withstand daily wear and tear. This rectangular sink offers lots of room for pots and pans, and features a gently rounded profile, flat flowing form and spacious surface area that make your culinary to-dos less of a chore. The integrated draining board provides the perfect place to cut and wash fruit and veggies, and the incline ensures water drains quickly. And when you’re done cooking and cleaning, it’s easy on the eyes too! Cassia is available in three reversible sizes and five colors. Get more information by visiting Duravit.



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