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Cool Ways To Bring Velvet Decor Into Your Home

Everything that was once old is now new when it comes to décor. This is the year of bringing back traditional pieces and expanding on the idea of making them a main feature in the home. Which brings us to one of the best trends- Velvet. The traditional fabric is coming back with a vengeance and making a statement in traditional homes. The following are cool ways to add velvet to your décor.

Statement Sofa

Velvet sofas are statement pieces because of there texture and natural beauty. Pair with other velvet items for a cohesive look that works well in the space. This will provide an upgrade to a space that needs a bit of a trendy touch. 

Velvet sofas are all the rage at the moment. So much so that they are everywhere, including our favorite furniture stores. Choose a velvet sofa in a bold colorway for the ultimate statement. Consider colors such as red, blue, gold or even pastel pink.

Accent Chairs

Why have one accent chair when you can have two. Consider adding two bright accent chairs to brighten up your living space and add a punch of color. Complete the look with small detailing that offers the color palette your accent chairs have.

If you are looking to add a statement to any room with something that will simply work, velvet accent chairs are the way to go. Look for pieces in cool colors that will add that punch of color right where you need it most.

Dining Chairs

Velvet is so loved because of how much texture it adds to even the simplest room. Use velvet dining chairs that come in a unique shape for a modern touch that brightens up the space. You may even want to add a matching chandelier for a classic yet elegant look.

Textured dining chairs are perfect to create a unique space that offers a little something extra. In the dining area, this luxurious fabric will provide a comfortable space while still adding warmth for your guests to enjoy a great time.

Velvet Headboard

A beautiful velvet headboard adds a feminine touch that is difficult to recreate otherwise. For the perfect modern touch pair your velvet headboard with rose gold furniture pieces. Doing so elevates the look while bringing one of 2018s most trendy metallics into the room.

When it comes to the bedroom your main thought could be “comfort” which is where velvet comes into play. A velvet headboard can make a huge difference in the way your bedroom is perceived, it is trendy yet comfortable all at the same time.


Velvet doors are not common at all, but they are coming on to the scene extremely quickly. It takes an eclectic kind of person to take on the task of upholstering their doors with a beautiful hue of velvet. Add velvet doors in a rich tone of brown, gray or navy for the perfect accent to any room.

If you have wooden doors but want to add an upgrade upholster them with velvet for the ultimate lux feel. They are elegant and grand while still being soft and chic all at the same time. The key is working them into minimal décor so that they stand out from the rest of the pieces you have going on.

Bar Stools

Stools are pretty much essential when you have a kitchen island, the idea is to provide a multifunctional element that works well in the area and creates a modern atmosphere. Adding velvet stools add to intricacy of the space while bringing that classic modern touch.

Kitchen islands are great because of how well versatile they can be in a kitchen space. Adding textured bar stools is the perfect way of incorporating color in the kitchen. This is especially true if you want to have a neutral kitchen without much-added texture. Simple velvet bar stools will make a world of a difference.


If you feel your bedroom is missing a little something extra you may be missing a bench. A velvet bench seems to bring an entire look together, especially if you are working with a neutral palette. The touch of velvet will add a punch of texture exactly where you need it.

Whether you place it at the end of the bed or in the entryway a bench can make a huge difference in the way your bedroom is laid out.  A velvet bench will add a serious regal touch to any area, it is placed in especially if it comes in a jewel tone.


The great aspect of an ottoman is that they are extremely versatile, you can use them anywhere and for multiple different things. Add an ottoman to your living room for the perfect touch that brings everything together at once. While still being easy to pair with.

Velvet ottomans are perfect accent pieces that work well in numerous areas of the home. In fact, you can use two or more different ottomans around the home to maintain a uniform look. Gem hues are great to use for this matter.


Its elegant, cozy and soft what more could anyone want from a bedding right? Velvet is beautiful on a bed because of the intricate hues it provides. Regardless of the colors, you decide to use velvet will aways have a little hint of white or silver throughout making it easy to pair with multiple colors.

Why only use velvet on your headboard? Use it as part of your bedding as well. This is will make you feel like royalty from the moment you step into your bed. There is something casual yet regal about having velvet bedding as part of your décor.

Slipper Chair

Slipper chairs make a statement anywhere they are placed. think of them as the traditional accent chairs that were seen in most homes. Now you can have them in the bedroom, living room, any place you choose they will make a difference in how elegant they appear.

Feminine, regal, elegant and fun are one of the best forms of describing slipper chairs. In order to keep this regal piece of furniture to its best abilities, you want to have a hue that stands out from the rest of your décor. Choose a bold color and let the slipper chair make the statement.

Which of these cool ways will you be trying at home? Please let us know in the comments below.


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