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Bright and Breezy Kitchen from Schuller – Avantgarde kichen line

Schuller Avantgarde kitchen with front in Olive wood NB and carcass in Magnolia
Add a bright and welcoming aspect to (arguably!) the most important room in your home with the Avantgarde kitchen from Schuller, created with lovely Olive wood high-gloss NB. Magnolia surfaces and sides add to the airy, clean sensation in the kitchen, complementing the olive wood look perfectly. Generous wall cabinets optimize the space available, whilst maintaining the sense of openness… fantastic pull-out system of organisation allows you easy access to every cooking implement. Beautiful glass overhead cupboards, and the smart rotating tray on the bar, add an extra dimension of style and lightness. Stainless steel appliances finish the look with a contemporary flavor. Imagine creating culinary masterpieces in the Avantgarde: a modern kitchen from Schuller than pays homage to the art of cooking!
Schueller Avantgarde kitchen - working area
Schuller Avantgarde - bar counter with rotating tray
Schueller Avantgarde - wall integrated cabinets
Schueller Avantgarde - built-in kitchen appliances

Schueller Avantgarde - glass overhead cupboards


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