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Stylish floor and wall tile from Rako – Czech tiles

Czech Rako wall tiles Bonanza built to shape a mirror
Use tiles in a surprising and fresh way to highlight key features in your bathroom with the Bonanza floor and wall tiles from Rako. In the Bonanza collection, the company showcases textile structures reinterpreted in an entirely modern way. The lovely little tiles are perfect for molding to the shapes in your bathroom, such as around the sunken bathtub, or around the sink area as shown in the pictures here. Other pretty, coordinating tiles make up the range, suitable for all around the bathroom including walls and floors. Youthful and elegant, the colour scheme is in shades of light blue and dusky peach to complete water features and make a bright environment. A traditional Czech brand, Rako has been around for 125 years. Contact them about their Bonanza tiles to make them part of your home today.
Rako floor tiles Bonanza
Rako wall tiles Bonanza

Rako floor tiles Bonanza detail


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