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Blue Pie Condo by Reza Aliabadi Inspired by Arctic Iceberg Photo

blue pie condo reza aliabadi inspired arctic iceberg photo 1 living thumb 630x422 24036 Blue Pie Condo by Reza Aliabadi Inspired by Arctic Iceberg Photo

The name Blue Pie comes from the shape of the 450sqf living area of this condo located in Toronto, Canada. Shaped like a quarter of a circle, it is representational of a large piece of pie and since the condo is outfitted in various blues and white the name Blue Pie seemed very fitting. The concept of using blue and white for the space began when the client purchased a photograph of an arctic iceberg that had been taken by rzlbd on his explorations of the frozen tundra. The photograph creates an image of peaceful simplicity – a pureness rzlbd captured through his lens while in this humble environment. With the purchase of the photograph, the doctor discovered he shared a common design aesthetic with rzlbd and through this commonality the working relationship of client and designer began. The client was only able to give four weeks to rzlbd to transform his condo from an average and typical space to one that reflected the imagery in both the iceberg photograph and another blue and white piece by Sandra Duba-Shubs called “Back Alley Abstract”. Rzlbd accepted the challenge of the short time frame and set to work.

blue pie condo reza aliabadi inspired arctic iceberg photo 2 living thumb 630x630 24038 Blue Pie Condo by Reza Aliabadi Inspired by Arctic Iceberg Photo

First the hardwood floors where removed and the newly exposed concrete was reinterpreted as a blue oasis by the use of oil based floor paint. The walls where all repainted in a crisp white as an artistic interpretation of icebergs floating on a deep blue sea. Ceiling lights where removed and replaced with a suspended tension track of 5 spots. A blue mesh chair was gracefully suspended from the ceiling as though it where a bird hovering over the water. Silhouetted against the curved wall of glass the image is one of serenity and peacefulness – exactly what the client was hoping for.


The east wall opposite the window is outfitted with an open shelving system that includes a desk, built in seating, wine rack, display and storage. The bench seat is outfitted with 9 pillows – 4 of which repeat the blue of the hanging chair. A large low coffee table connects the various seats in the room without interrupting the views from the southwest exposure.


The dining area is both suspended by the structural column and resting on the floor. The central support is reminiscent of a ships bow slicing through the ocean and the grey pattern on the chairs resembles the cracked ice created by said ship. Even the rough concrete adds to the visual by creating movement to the water’s surface. It is as though the client is dining on his own personal cruise line.


With only four weeks to transform the living zone of this condo, rzlbd chose to leave the kitchen as is with the exception of the island that was removed to create room for the built in dining table. The dark cabinetry is as though it is land on the distant horizon. It is amazing that rzlbd was able to achieve such an incredibly artistic vision combined with functionality in such a short time span. They not only where able to reinvent the floors, walls and furnishings but they also chose the cutlery, bed and bath accessories as well as other decorative items displayed throughout the home. The final result created not only an extension of the iceberg photo but also a calm and serine place for the doctor to enjoy.
Photos by borXu Design
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